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Accomplished dreams

Thanks for being here!

For me, Pajama Party & Co is my baby, my home, my family, it is the place where I have learned every morning to be a better person. I love getting up and knowing that I have to do my best to support all the people who believed in this company. I have understood that, with perseverance, discipline and a clear vision, you reach the path of your own goal. That is why today I only tell you to keep your dreams in mind because they do come true.

This endeavor that was just a hobby inspired by my daughter María del Mar, who is the doll I always wanted to have and who let my imagination run wild at every celebration of her birthday. She took me to make her a sleepover with her friends, always giving my best so that every detail was unforgettable in time.

Therefore, I say to the new franchisees: if this is what you like to do, do not hesitate to have your own franchise.

To all the franchises that in these 5 years have accompanied us to consolidate ourselves, I can only say: Thank you for traveling this path together!

Silvia Fonnegra
Pijama Party & Co
Founder and creator of dreams