We are a company created since 2016 with a registered trademark present in 30 cities and 8 countries specialized in designing experiences, fulfilling dreams and creating unforgettable scenarios.

We rent, decorate and transport all the necessary items and accessories to the place where you are going to hold the event.

1. Rent

2. Transport

3. Decorate

Our work team

María Lucía Guzmán

Graphic designer

For my Pijama Party it has been like a home, a place that has seen me grow and improve as a designer. They have always believed in my abilities, in my talent, and they have given me a space to do what I love the most, create. Achieve new creative challenges that allow me to grow surrounded by wonderful people who believe in me.

Adriana Fonnegra

Franchise Director

I love working in our company because I have the possibility to transform the life of those who decide to buy a franchise. Seeing how men and women empower themselves and lead their business to success fills me with satisfaction. I am happy to lead the Franchise business area.

Hans Oberle de la Torre


Being part of the Pajama Party family has been wonderful because it makes me happy to see how other people are happy to fulfill their dreams fulfilling the dreams of others as a "chain of dreams", enjoying their family and above all having the possibility of giving love.

Alexandra Sánchez

Financial Department

For me it has been a very nice experience to see the company grow every year, since I have been since everything started in 2016.

Silvia Fonnegra

Creator and founder

I just love what I do being a "dream maker"

Margarita Pineda

Store Director

I feel grateful to God and to life for having come to this beautiful family that is the Pijama Party Company, here I have had the opportunity to grow as a person I have learned a thousand things and I have met incredible people! What I like the most is sharing with them the possibility of seeing their dreams come true


We are the commercial and creative team of Shine Agency and we are very happy to be part of the Pijama Party family.

It fills us with joy to share projects and create with love new ways of seeing and feeling the most special days of your life.

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