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    Pajama Party & co. has changed my life! I managed to work from home, I can be with my daughters and my family, do what I like and every day I learn more things.

    I have also made my franchise grow since you can take advantage of this incredible venture not only to have sleepovers, picnics, spa and more, but you can also receive more income making boxes for celebrations, party tables, snacks, snacks and even surprises! . Being part of a recognized brand that is found in many cities in the country gives you more peace of mind, security, you feel supported and it makes it easier for you to get clients. Every day that passes I feel happier, more complete, more productive and more grateful to God for this gift.

    Margarita Camacho y Adriana Hinojosa.
    Sabana de Bogotá, Colombia

    One of the reasons I always wanted to have and fulfill was to fulfill the dreams of many people, especially children, because with them one sees life from another perspective that is full of beautiful emotions. That is why I chose Pajama Party Company, a company that covers all the expectations that I had so much hoped for, where joy is felt and all those moments are fulfilled that will be unforgettable for us as well as for so many families who want to keep in the depths of their hearts those memories for always and be part of a great family.

    THANK YOU Pajama Party Company

    Mónica Hoyos y Marta Nieto
    Bogotá D.C., Colombia

    In Bolivia we are 3 partner sisters: Mónica, Isabel and Jimena. Each owner of the franchise in 3 different cities in the country.

    The 3 of us were looking for a business to do together that gives us time freedom and is 100% innovative in our country. Each one lives in a different city.
    We had gone around a lot and we couldn't find something that really motivated us, until we found out from a friend who lived in Colombia about the Pajama Party & Co franchise.

    We loved the idea of ​​being able to do business each in a different city, adding the added value that we gave to the franchise in Bolivia.

    The experience that each one has lived with this franchise is wonderful. We have learned a lot not only about the business of events, customer service, social networks and others, but also about how beautiful it is to believe in magic again, in creating something so unique and a lifelong memory for each person who hires our service. It is really motivating to know that we can create such a beautiful experience and that it is marked as one of the most beautiful memories for each client, their family and their friends.
    It is a business that also requires you to be updated, not only in materials but also in trends, social networks and everything related to events.

    We thank Pajama Party & Co and the beautiful community of franchisees that has been formed, which is really like a family always supporting us.

    Mónica, Jime e Isa.

    For me Pajama Party Manizales is a dream come true. I love to celebrate life and all the special occasions that arise in it, being part of each event and being able to make the dreams of children and adults come true fills me with satisfaction and happiness, at the same time that I develop a business that allows me be with my family. Dream big.

    Claudia L Sanz Correa
    Manizales, Colombia

    My name is Carolina, I was born in Sogamoso, in 2004 I came to this beautiful region, through "Yopaleña" adoption. I am an architect specializing in decoration.

    I discovered that with Pajama Party he managed, in a practical way, to transform spaces into magical settings, giving our clients unforgettable experiences.

    By choosing architecture as the engine of life, I have always worked to respond technically and creatively to spatial needs, with this beautiful business, in addition to achieving it, I can go back to the best years of life "childhood" it has been incredible to be able to take each child an enchanted world.

    Carolina Reyes
    Yopal, Colombia

    Pajama Party Company was the opportunity we found to have our own business doing what we like, enjoying every detail and the emotion that our customers feel when they see the finished assembly.

    Pajama Party Company has brought happiness to our lives.

    Mary Silva y Soraya Mena
    Quito, Ecuador

    Why did we buy the franchise? We are two dreamy sisters and with a great desire to do beautiful and different things inspired by our children, we began to look for new alternatives and found a way that will help us, apart from making our children happy, to improve our income, although we have only been in the company for a short time, we are happy to be creators of dreams...

    Laura y Tatiana.
    Valledupar, Colombia

    I have my job and it's going well for me, however, something was missing to feel complete, many were the topics that were discussed in Family thinking about starting a franchise, after analyzing various sectors, also thinking if it would be a business that can last! times of crisis, I finally found it!... for me, it has been wonderful.

    I think that choosing a franchise has a lot to do with you, for that you have to know what you want, I was looking for a business that would allow me to fully involve myself and be able to learn, and although I had never touched the children's decoration sector, what hooked me with Pajama Party & Co it was their innovative concept and as always you bring a smile to your clients with all its details and the beauty of the material we have.

    "Passion is important and doing something you like, too, but it is also important to trust that franchise you have chosen" and that is what we do daily with Pajama Party Company improving and trying to be the best every day.

    Carolina Agreda
    Pasto, Colombia

    It gave me security that it was a franchise, since it had an organized business model, with previous experience in different cities and countries demonstrating its effectiveness.

    It was essentially focused on children and decoration issues, since it already came with the idea of ​​developing a venture of this nature.

    You could work using social networks and that was my business idea, since I wanted to have flexible hours, at the same time the opportunity to meet people, places and create wonderful experiences for both children and adults.

    It allowed me to grow over time offering different services in the field of decoration, while being a source of employment, working with different brands and growing as a brand.

    It has been an enriching experience, of happiness, family unity, of constant learning, of hard work, challenging, of growth, of joys, with ups and downs, but above all of motivation to continue firm, growing and assuming the challenges that the I work hard to strengthen the brand in my country as a productive business that generates employment.

    Sandra León
    Santo Domingo, República Dominicana

    I love children, that is why I fell in love with the proposal that pajama party & co offered me and for me it was a dream to be able to undertake sharing and receiving smiles. Additionally, the company gave me confidence and provided me with continuous support to carry out this project and to date it has been so thanks to the experience that the brand manages.

    Make the best decision as it is very rewarding to do what makes you happy.

    Jenny Pabón
    Bucaramanga, Colombia

    We have always worked in the world of events and catering and we saw the opportunity to belong to the Pajama Party & Co family to expand our portfolio of services

    We love the idea of ​​being able to create magical and fun scenarios with different themes and make children live the Pajama Party & Co experience.

    We are happy to belong to this beautiful franchise.

    Karen y Mari
    Lima, Perú

    This is a business that changed my life, although I bought it when the pandemic started I was not wrong to invest, Silvi and Adriana offered me this business with so much love that I can really say that it changed my life, in each event I feel that I reflect the love that I feel sorry for this franchise, searching the internet I saw this wonderful franchise and I called with fear but with the certainty that I was going to do what I like, decorate and see the smile of satisfaction of my clients and even more so when those clients are children, their joy It gives me more encouragement and love for my business. Today I thank God, my husband and Silvi for supporting me to be part of this great company.

    Rosita Malbis
    Cúcuta, Colombia

    Hello everyone!

    I have known Pajama Party & Co for several years, I was fortunate to be a franchisee in Medellín Colombia, I fell in love with the project and carried it out very happily and successfully for 4 years, new opportunities opened up and we no longer just take it as a business for me, if not that we decided as a family to undertake an immense challenge, make our way in the USA, we decided to bet on Pajama Party as a life project, today we have 3 counties in South Florida, we moved from the country and definitely be part of this great family has given us peace of mind and confidence, to deposit our new beginning in this model.

    Clara, Camilo, Martina, Emilio y Paulina
    Broward / Palm Beach / Miami Dade, Estados Unidos

    Acquiring the franchise was the only thing on my mind when I met her.
    It seemed like an excellent business opportunity and I felt it was the ideal complement to my lifestyle. Now I am going to complete 3 years with her and I feel that it has been one of the best decisions I have made in my professional and work career.
    I love my franchise with all my heart

    Catalina Giraldo
    Armenia, Colombia

    It inspired us to acquire the franchise, it is that as parents we have the need to create magical experiences and memories for our daughters, and looking for an option to celebrate Silvana's 5th birthday, we found them and when we saw the opportunity to acquire the franchise we saw that It has a lot of potential in a city like ours.

    José Luis y Claudia Vargas.
    Ibagué, Colombia

    The most beautiful thing is that Pajama Party came at a very difficult time in my life, helping me to bring out all my capacity as a person and professional! I am grateful to life for having this project in my hands

    The most rewarding thing is that it has allowed me to develop new skills and knowledge that are reflected in each montage! In becoming a true creator of dreams that are reflected in the faces of the children who have enjoyed the Pajama Party experience!!

    Gaby Velasquez
    Guadalajara / Tepic, México

    I love making people happy and that's what Pajama Party Company does. I like to feel useful, to be busy and above all to be able to help people in some way with my work.

    Paola Mantilla
    Cali, Colombia

    We dreamed of starting a business and this franchise has a beautiful purpose, which is to bring happiness to homes.

    We like to work as a team and learn about entrepreneurship.

    Alexander y Angela
    Tunja, Colombia

    There are three fundamental reasons why we acquired the franchise:

    The first of them was to look for a business opportunity that excited us, that was different and that allowed us to do what we like obtaining an economic benefit.

    Our second reason is that through Pajama Party we can transmit feelings through scenarios; decoration has become a fundamental part of any event and with this conceptual proposal we reach the hearts of all people.

    The third and no less important is that it allows us to manage time and we can carry out other activities, most of the events are held on weekends, one of the motivations we had before acquiring the franchise was precisely that, to own our weather.

    Barranquilla, Colombia